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Early Life

Garfield was born on June 19th, 1978. His awakening was in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian Restaurant. From birth, he loved lasagna. However, the owners of Mamma Leoni's were forced to choose either to keep Garfield or close down the restaurant due to the lack of pasta. In result, Garfield was sold to a pet shop. On the unfortunate faithful day of August 19th that year, Jon Arbuckle visited the pet shop. He had a strong debate whether to pick Garfield, an iguana, or a rock. His final choice was determined, his reasoning given a few months later, "I love cats. I wanted a cat... So what do I do? I go to the pet store and ask for a cat. What do they give me?...A lasagna with fur and fangs."

Current Life

Garfield has been in many starring roles, including himself, himself, and himself. He can be found at home with Jon, eating lasagna and sitting on the couch watching TV. His other companion in the house is Odie. A dim-witted dog that Garfield is found mocking and doing sadistic actions for joy. Despite all this, the beagle doesn't hate Garfield and wouldn't ever purposely cause him harm. Garfield tends to mock Jon and Odie for their behaviors and stupid actions sometimes, frequently insulting them and poking at their little quirks. However, Garfield loves both Odie and Jon nonetheless.

Other highlights

Garfield has been featured in 10 different casts, including cat food commercials, video games, movies, and in multiple TV series featuring himself. His shows aren't only in America either, they go from Mexico to Finland! His hatred for Mondays, spinach and flies are one of the few things that has helped him succeed in the world of television.

Why I like Garfielf

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Likes Dislikes
Lasagna. Mondays (Especially the 13ths)
Food and Coffee Buttermilk
Harassing Mailmen Spiders
Pooky(His Beloved Teddy Bear) Diets
Sleeping Birthdays